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🔄 Transitions

🎛 Changing transitions

You can change the way in which the notification boxes are animated by simply redeclaring the transition type in the config or payload objects.

Depending on whether you want to change the default transitions for the whole app or only change it for a certain notification, you can either:

  1. Change the animation type in the config object of createNotification:
import { createNotifications, RotateInRotateOut } from 'react-native-notificated'

const { useNotifications } = createNotifications({
animationConfig: RotateInRotateOut,
  1. Use the config.animationConfig property in the payload of a notify function:
import { createNotifications, SlideInLeftSlideOutRight } from 'react-native-notificated'

const { useNotifications } = createNotifications()

const { notify } = useNotifications()

notify('success', {
params: {
title: 'Success',
description: 'This is where the toast text goes',
config: {
animationConfig: SlideInLeftSlideOutRight,
  1. Change the animation type in the config object of a certain variant in the config object of createNotification:

Not yet implemented 😔

‼️ When changing the transition type, you can choose from a variety of pre-made configs that our team has prepared for you!

🔦 Config priority

For each subsequent notification, the library looks for an animation config in the following order:

  1. First, it looks for a config defined in notify payload
  2. Next, it looks for a global config from createNotification
  3. At last, when no config is found, it uses the default behaviour, which is platform-dependend

📦 Pre-made configs:

  • RotateZIn
  • ZoomInDownZoomOutUp
  • ZoomInDownZoomOutDown
  • RotateInRotateOut
  • SlideInLeftSlideOutRight

🔧 Custom transitions

If you feel like you need a custom transition, fear not, we have got you covered! Go to the next chapter to see how to create your own transition! 💥